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February, 2

Candlelit Tales: Herst_ry

The Sugar Club 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Fado fado, or not so long ago, there was a boy who was slow to read, because his sister liked to read to him so much. She read him stories, stories that enthralled them both. Then they grew up and grew apart, yet the girl kept her fascination with stories, and the boy would come from far and wide to hear a tale or two. The boy knew they were good, the girl knew they were great. So one day she said to her brother, the only way to keep these stories alive is to tell them. So that’s what they did.

They lit some candles in the depth of winter 2014, and they started to learn one of the ancient epics, An Táin Bo Culaigne, from a fair few versions. They crafted their own story, they learned how to tell the it, and as the music came along to accompany them, the whole thing just felt right. So they’ve been telling stories ever since. And as Candlelit Tales kept going, we kept growing, and we kept working with various musicians, storytellers, performers and artists, all lending their talents and their skills to the troupe, to keep storytelling alove for sorts of audiences, big and small, all over Ireland and beyond ever since.

The boy, Aron, grew up listening to his sister, Sorcha, telling him stories, and now they tell stories together. And the friends they have gathered along the way have helped them to keep doing what they love best, telling, and hearing stories being told, with enchantment, passion and play and with music that will make you sway… or at least tap your foot!

Now we’re telling stories in a podcast, as well as performing our storytelling nights in and around various venues across Dublin and Ireland. We’ve created children’s shows, theatre shows, festival shows, and now a new podcast. And we keep finding more stories and more ways to tell them.

We have lots of other ideas as well, and we continue to be inspired by these stories and the creative beauties that keep working with us. We get swept up and away with these myths, and keep finding new insights and delights with every one. There’s a powerful kind of magic going on, and we don’t ever want to stop!

Candlelit Tales want to bring back the craic of the old myths and legends. We want to share these stories with the world so that everyone can hear and be inspired by the wealth of wit and wisdom in these old tales.

So keep her lit lads… keep her candlelit.


Every venue is unique, and so every show we do is unique. We craft our performance to suit your space; from sweeping, epic theatre shows to cosy, intimate fireside tales, and everything in between.

We can bring local folklore to life for a unique storytelling, or take you through our own personal favourites.

Get in touch, and let’s talk about your Candlelit Tales show!

13 hours ago

Candlelit Tales

#candlelittalespodcast🔥 new episode
For those of you who are not able to see our live show, TONIGHT in @stags_head_dublin has a listen to one of the great stories of the great Kings. Cormac... Some lad.
Keep the feedback coming in lads, let us know what stories you want to hear and which you like best. We're going to play around with the podcast a bit more this year... So... Give us your ears, and thoughts 👂
#sound #tonight #deathfearstheirish #soon #podcast #lovely #2020letsbehavingyou

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16 hours ago

Candlelit Tales

Tonight! We are in Stags Head for the first time in 2020... And it will be the last one for a while! We will be back... But for the next few months our monthly show will be in Whelans upstairs #excited We will be able to record our live shows for the #candlelittalespodcast #cunning #likeafox

If you want to catch us in Stags Head #tonight there are a feck all spots left... Just the way we like it.
Doors at 7 to get a seat and show starts 7.30 sharp #nomessin

Ticket link to reserve your seat in bio if theres any left #whoknows
#stagshead #candlelittales #bringyourmates #feckallspaceleft #seeyousoon #lovely #grá #love

Photo credit @olgakuzmenko_photography

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2 days ago

Candlelit Tales

And we're looking January dead in the face... And we're sayin, we will survive! Why? Because Death Fears the Irish! Didnt you know?

1st show up in Parnell Heritage of 2020 doing our Introduction to Irish Mythology show #parnellheritage #perfect #groupbookings

Tomorrow there are a few spots left for our return to Stags Head at 7.30
Ticket link to reserve your seat in bio
#stagshead #candlelittales #deathstories #cuchukainn #music #craic #dublin #tomorrow #bringyourmates #feckallspaceleft #seeyousoon #lovely #grá #love #reusingoldpost #itsstillgood

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3 days ago

Candlelit Tales

Thank you all so much for coming to our first ever #soundbath and #storytelling collaboration with @fonnsheen yeaterday.
And thank you @yogadublin for the beautiful space ❤
One way to beat #bluemonday and the #januaryblues! Hope you're all minding you're own mental health too, it's crazy out there so be kind to yourself... #todayofalldays X
We may have to do this again so stay tuned till next time... #staytuned
Remember we have our usual storytelling night in #stagshead #dublin this Wednesday at 7.30 PM for our January show #deathfearstheirish!
#donations based show - reserve your seat through the link in bio.

#sound #soundbath #soundshower #notathing #toomanyhashtags #hashtag #candlelittales #fonnsheen #bringyourmates #thanksforcoming #seeyounexttime #thanksforthefeedback #thanksforcoming #lovely #grá #love

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4 days ago

Candlelit Tales

Full to the brim and getting excited to start. Thank you @yogadublin for such a beautiful room.
Were just about to start our first ever SOLD OUT Storytelling abd Sound Bath...
There may be more to follow
#thanks #greatful #sunday #healing #soundbath #storytelling #

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