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Candlelit Tales work to evoke medieval Irish tradition through live tellings of Irish epic myths at their best. Two storytellers, Aron and Sorcha, alternate the telling, with warm musical accompaniment by Ruaraí Ó Seá and Darragh Kenny on acoustic guitar and mandolin. Delving into the backgrounds and details of well known stories and unearthing hidden gems, we seek to mix some of the classics, such as The Táin Bó Cúailnge, Cuchulainn’s Boyhood Deeds, and Finn and the Fianna (to name but a few), with other, less-known but equally stirring tales! For fans of myth and complete novices, these tellings are designed to be open and accessible by all. No matter how much or how little you know about Irish mythology, these new tellings brings the ancient tales to life for a modern audience.

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Storytelling Evening:

Book your own evening with Candlelit Tales! A captivating, accessible and informative evening for anyone interested in Irish mythology and folktales, with warm musical accompaniment on guitar and mandolin, alternating storytellers weave an enchanting entertainment. Cost per hour: One storyteller: €150/ Two storytellers €250

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Storytelling for ESL Students:

We provide a uniquely Irish cultural experience for all those newly arrived to Ireland’s shores. We have a wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of our culture’s mythology, and can adapt our stories to the level of English of the class, simplifying stories with added gesture, body language and vocal tone to help aid their understanding. The […]

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Children’s Shows:

Drawing on Aron’s wide-ranging experience as a performer and children’s entertainer, Candlelit Tales weaves an exciting experience for younger listeners. Two storytellers alternate the telling, adding performative aspects, with musical backing for an hour-long show. We cover simplified versions of well-known classics like the Salmon of Knowledge, as well as lesser-known tales to give children […]

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Mythology Workshops:

Delving into the deep wisdom of these ancient tales to uncover the truths they hold for modern audiences, and working with the Jungian ideas of Archetypes of the collective unconscious, these workshops offer a unique insight into one of the great Irish Mythology Cycles: The Tain. Full day workshop: €500 (discounts available for educational institutions, […]

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Culture Workshop:

Through our day-long interactive workshops, we guide participants through an exploration of how every culture’s core myths and folktales shape our perception and our identity. One-day workshop: €500 (discounts available for educational institutions, please inquire!)

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Bard Training:

A three-day workshop exploring the power of storytelling and covering the core stories from four cycles of Irish mythology, looking at issues of history, culture, leadership and identity. Three-day workshop: €1,200 (discounts available for educational institutions, please inquire!)

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The Stag's Head:

Stag's Head showEvery month, we host a packed house upstairs in The Stag’s Head at 7.30, with at different Theme and different exciting stories from Irish myth each month, accompanied by evocative acoustic music. To keep updated on this month's theme, subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on facebook!

Kid's Shows:

Children's ShowsThis Patrick's Day, we stepped outside the city and back in time to the wonderful Airfield House, where we performed two shows in the "Fairy Finder's fort" geared towards younger audiences.


Festival ShowsJourneying to Knockanstockan Music festival last summer, we entertained children in the family campsite on Friday evening, telling them bedtime stories as the evening closed in. On Saturday, we set up our shingle to tell Irish myths to worse-for wear festival goers, who lounged on grassy knolls in the sunshine, soaking up the atmosphere and the tales


Theatre ShowWe took the epic telling of the Táin to Galway Theatre Festival on 2015 the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Over two two-hour sets, audiences listened enthralled to the full cycle of the “Irish Illiad”. For visitors to Ireland, it was completely new experience, and even those who knew the stories well were captivated by this new way of hearing them.

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Women warriors of ireland

Special Show – Women Warriors

Buy Tickets Most of us can name the great heroes of Irish legend, or name a few, but what about the greatest heroines? Women who fought as hard as their husbands and brothers and sons, women who struggled under curses and captivity, women who rebelled, women who avenged their loved ones, avenged themselves, women who […]


Saints & Sinners

It’s a second chance to catch our stories of Saints and Sinners! Featuring the long-awaited (and somewhat delayed) return of co-founder Aron Hegarty, who will be telling tales once again! Come and join us in the cosy surroundings of the Stags Head, where we’ll tell you stories of old by candle light with musical accompaniment […]


Wicked Games

This February find us in the cosy surroundings of the Stags Head for our bi-monthly show, where we’ll be telling tales about new romance, deception, trickey, love trysts and some very wicked games.

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Audience Feedback:

  • Hearing the last tales of the Táin last night was a truly wonderful experience!
    Thanks to all involved.  Hope there will be much much much more of the same in the New Year to cheer us up from the inevitable January Blues.

    Meave Cassilry, 15/12/14

  • The shows on the Stag’s Head were really something! Great atmosphere and stories! I highly recommend it J

    Marta Tieta Por Dos, 21/02/15

  • Candle lit tales is magical, captivating and totally different. The intimate setting is so unique and the story tellers are fabulous, both on stage and off!

    Cathy Mc Guinness, 16/1/2015

  • Raw, charming and oh so different, I was immediately captivated by the gifts and the passion of these incredibly talented storytellers. Who said storytelling is a lost art…?

    Alison Tyrill, 22nd of Feb 2015

  • Sorcha and Aron (and Ruairi) manage to take old, under-appreciated legends and tell them in a way that’s crafted with passion, bringing them into the current century!! Modern tellings of ancient tales that retain the spirit of the originals!

    Ryann Gaff, 1st of April 2016