New website and Forum


Hello, and welcome to the Candlelit Tales website! This has been under construction for a while now, thanks to the hard work of our muti-talented Darragh Kenny, and we’re very excited to share the fruits of our work with you. The ongoing success of Candlelit Tales has only been possible because of the enthusiasm, generosity, and attention of you, our supporters, and we hope that this website will give you another way to connect, discuss, and share what myth and folklore means to you.

Of course, storytelling is a very ancient form of entertainment, and part of what drew us to the Stag’s Head in Dublin was the chance to try and revive a part of that heritage, but that doesn’t mean we have to eschew modern technology! Far from it, modernity has brought about some huge and important shifts for humanity, giving us the potential to break down borders, and see all peoples as our fellows in a way that we have never done before.

We want to take the best of tradition, and mix it with the best of today; to use the openness and ease of communication facilitated by the internet to collect, discuss and disseminate the old stories, and what they mean to us all.

We hope you will join us on this step, as you have joined us before. Leave us comments, write us messages, and tell us what you want to see from Candlelit Tales, what stories you’d love to hear, or what ideas you have to share.

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