Special Show – Women Warriors

Women and Warriors accoustic show

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Most of us can name the great heroes of Irish legend, or name a few, but what about the greatest heroines? Women who fought as hard as their husbands and brothers and sons, women who struggled under curses and captivity, women who rebelled, women who avenged their loved ones, avenged themselves, women who deserve to be remembered!

Join us in November for ancient tales retold. Some you may know, but from another perspective, some you may never have heard. Tales of strength and tales of softness, and where those aspects meet. Tales that tell of women and all that they were and all that they are.

Due to the small size of this venue, and the large size of the crowds, numbers for the Stags Head are now capped! Ensure you have a comfortable seat in the cozy Parlour Bar, without queueing in the cold, where you can enjoy Candlelit Tales Acoustic. We’re staying true to our roots with no microphones, no amps, and no stage!

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Undiscovered Countries: Births, Deaths and Voyages


A new year and a series of new beginnings, the future is always an unknown, but what can we find in tales of old, of heroes and warriors who set out for strange lands, of those who wandered into the mists of the otherworld, and came back with stories to tell.

Join us in the Parlour Bar of the Stag’s Head for stories, music and the start to another voyage around the sun!

Doors at 7pm and we start at 7.30 on the dot…

Free entry, and donations accepted… be sure to get in early to get a seat! 😉



Ancient Echoes from the River of Time: An Illuminate Herstory Event


Candlelit Tales, Sacred Sites of Ireland and Herstory

Illuminating Herstory through art, storytelling + music

Thu 5 Jan | 7:30pm | Boys School

This special evening in conjunction with the nationwide Illuminate Herstory Light Festival, will bring together storyteller Sorcha Hegarty of Candlelit Tales, mythologist and tour guide Treasa Kerrigan of Sacred Sites of Ireland, and the artwork of Jim Fitzpatrick and Courtney Davis, accompanied by the Candlelit Tales musicians.

As the artwork lights up the walls, the stories of our ancient Celtic ancestors will illuminate the central place of the feminine in our culture, as audiences are guided on a voyage down the river of time.

Candlelit Tales began as a brother-sister storytelling duo, and have grown over the past two years into a talented collective of musicians, storytellers, dancers and performers. They draw inspiration from Ireland’s ancient tales and bring them to life in a way that is warm, informal and accessible. In 2016, they had two sell-out shows in Smock Alley; The Dream of Eithlinn, and Shadows of The Tain.

Herstory is a new cultural movement and a multi-disciplinary arts platform created tell the lost life stories of women from history and today. Illuminate Herstory is a new light festival celebrating women and girls. As the Christmas lights go out over the weekend of Nollaig na mBan (Women’s Little Christmas) on Thursday, 5th January to Sunday 8th January 2017, Illuminate Herstory will light up the country with images of women, bringing them out of the shadows and into the light. Just as St. Patrick’s Day inspires the world to go green, Illuminate Herstory invites the world to celebrate women.

Sacred Sites of Ireland began at the Hill of Tara in 2011 and has evolved into a series of guided meditations based on the landscape and ancient myths and legends of pre Celtic Ireland. Treasa also facilitates guided spiritual tours at sacred sites. She has made a number of appearances on international and Irish television and is a regular guest speaker on Irish radio and at festivals and conferences. Treasa collaborated closely with Courtney Davis on his Ancient Echoes series of paintings, providing the text to accompany his artwork, some of which was inspired by her storytelling and meditations.

Learn more about the Illuminate Herstory here

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Shadows of The Táin


Candlelit Tales bring their unique telling of the Táin Bó Cúailnge to life with a new and exciting element of shadow puppetry. Atmospheric, evocative, and lyrically beautiful, audiences will hear this ancient story as it has never before been told.

Relaxed, informal storytelling with musical accompaniment is the cornerstone around which Candlelit Tales’ productions are built, bringing in a collective of storytellers, dancers, puppeteers and musicians dedicated to the revival of lost Irish mythological stories. The sensation of hearing a story rather than reading one or seeing one acted out, is both familiar and strange. It takes us back to childhood, adn lets our own imaginations fill in the blanks. The atmospheric shadow puppetry enhances the experience, lending a stirring visual element to the storytelling which is sure to delight audiences of all ages.

Cast & Crew
Director: Aron Hegarty
Written by: Sorcha Hegarty
Puppeteers: Megan Woods, Marie Denham, Lucy Smyth, and Julie Lockley,
Musicians: Darragh Kenny, Aoife Kavannagh, Antonella Scanu, Audrey Trainor, Oisin Ryan, Emmet Byrne
Lighting Design by: Dean Venture
Sound Design by: Gavin Hennessy
Set Design by: Collective
Costume Design by: Jusde Stynes
Graphic Design by: Eoin Hughes
Produced by: Aoife Kavanagh

Shadows of The Táin Candlelit Tales bring their unique telling of the Táin Bó Cúailnge to life with a new and exciting element of shadow puppetry. Atmospheric, evocative, and lyrically beautiful, audiences will hear this ancient story as it has never before been told.

Fionn and the Fianna


Just as winter brings to mind the Ulster Cycle and the incredible story of the Cattle Raid of Cooley, traditionally told in the winter months, after dark, the spring and summer make us think of the Fianna, that band of warriors who defended Ireland from dangers within and without.

There’s something inherently summery about their adventures: Fionn and his men begin so many tales out on the hunt, chasing down deer and keeping an eye out for any strange adventures, grist to the mill for their own storytelling, which would pay for their lodgings during the cold winter months. The stories seem to be infused with sunlight: from the gold of Fionn’s own hair, to the shaft of sunlight that Niamh Cinn Óir appears in to take Oisín away to Tír na nÓg. The vibrancy of nature in full bloom, and the swift running hounds racing through the forests of Ireland.

The Fenian Cycle is all about strength and heroism, of course, but it is also full of strange inversions, when the familiar suddenly becomes strange and threatening. Strange figures emerge out of the mists to lead the stalwart heroes into eerie landscapes; animals transform into people and people into beasts; enchantments rob the great heroes of their strength and vitality. But always, the Fianna can rely on one another, sound the Dord Fiann and call on their brothers in arms to come to their aid, and count on the strength of the ties that bind them to see them through every difficulty.

This is why we chose the Fenian Cycle as our theme for April, though we have by no means plumbed all these great heroes have to offer. You can expect to hear from them again over the summer months!

Body and Soul 2016


Nearly two years ago, when Candlelit Tales began (on the road from Cork to Dublin, in a conversation between Aron and Sorcha, but that’s a story for another time!), it began as an experiment. To see if we could tell the stories we loved in an engaging, entertaining and accessible way, but also to see if anyone wanted to listen to us. It turns out, ye did! And in that
year-and-a-bit-more-than-a-half, we have had some wonderful experiences.

The best thing (for us) is when people want to collaborate; when they have an idea for how to take the stories somewhere else, or tell them with some new element, and have the skill to realize their idea with us. So, when Elena Brossa told us that she can see the stories in her mind’s eye, and asked to try out some movement with the tales, it started us on a path to creating a whole new show.

Now in development, and gearing up for Body and Soul Festival this year, we have gathered some great talents to tell the stories of the First Pepoles of Ireland; before the Celts, before even the magical Tuatha de Dannan; and bring them to the Bandstand Stage. As well as music and voice (familiar to us all by now), the “Candlelit Collective” will be incorporating acrobatics, dance, song, and a few surprises as the sun goes down!

So if you’re going to Body and Soul this year, be sure to stop by and be enchanted!

New website and Forum


Hello, and welcome to the Candlelit Tales website! This has been under construction for a while now, thanks to the hard work of our muti-talented Darragh Kenny, and we’re very excited to share the fruits of our work with you. The ongoing success of Candlelit Tales has only been possible because of the enthusiasm, generosity, and attention of you, our supporters, and we hope that this website will give you another way to connect, discuss, and share what myth and folklore means to you.

Of course, storytelling is a very ancient form of entertainment, and part of what drew us to the Stag’s Head in Dublin was the chance to try and revive a part of that heritage, but that doesn’t mean we have to eschew modern technology! Far from it, modernity has brought about some huge and important shifts for humanity, giving us the potential to break down borders, and see all peoples as our fellows in a way that we have never done before.

We want to take the best of tradition, and mix it with the best of today; to use the openness and ease of communication facilitated by the internet to collect, discuss and disseminate the old stories, and what they mean to us all.

We hope you will join us on this step, as you have joined us before. Leave us comments, write us messages, and tell us what you want to see from Candlelit Tales, what stories you’d love to hear, or what ideas you have to share.