Cosy up at the Irish Whiskey Museum as the talented storytellers of Candlelit Tales combine Irish mythology and traditional Irish music for their only acoustic set in this intimate venue. Sit back and relax over a drink as they transport you to the world of Irish myth and legend with this riveting storytelling experience.

This month’s story is The Brotherhood.

It was said of the Fianna that if the leaves of the trees were all made of gold and the foam on the waves all silver, the Fianna would give it all away. Forged by their leader Fionn Mac Cumhaill into a fighting force far greater than the sum of its parts: generous, joyful, and courageous, and always holding their brotherhood higher than anything else.

Join us on April 5th at 8pm for this exciting performance. Doors are open at 7pm, with full access to our cafe and bar before, during and after the storytelling to allow for maximum enjoyment throughout the night!

**Any latecomers will not be allowed in until half time, performance starts at 8pm sharp!