We are 6 years old and we are having a party online! 


Join us to chat about the Táin on Sunday 6th December at 7pm.


We will be talking about the latest episodes where we released a special edition Táin recording. Check it out if you missed it. Here we will be going LIVE ON YOUTUBE to chat about this epic myth and all the madness of 2020. 


Sorcha read somewhere once upon a time, that An Táin Bó Culaigne was the tale that should be told after dark and in the dark half of the year. So, six years ago, in a small pub in Dublin we started telling the Táin. There were about 10 people there at the time. Each week the numbers grew and grew, and at the end of the tale, there were people crammed in, and listening from the stairwell outside the room.


For the past 6 years, every year we celebrated by telling the Táin as we did the very first time at a live show. This one never gets old either. Each year we found a new way to tell it, more details to enhance, or perspectives to examine. It’s an epic, so it was possibly told in the dark months to last the entire winter. 


Over the years we worked on a number of versions of this story, and ‘The Shadows of the Táin’ was the final script we came up with and premiered in Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin in collaboration with the Shadow Puppetry of ‘Flight of Fancy’. We toured this show in the last couple of years, and have had plans of performing it live again and again… but without live venues open, we decided to do something different with this script. 

The last three episodes of the Podcast was that something different.


Sorcha is narrating this on her own this time, and Rurai O’Shea (the first musician we ever collaborated with) took this reading and added the soundscape and music to it as his lockdown project. And aren’t we lucky to be able to collaborate with such an artist.


Story by Aron and Sorcha Heagrty

Narrated by Sorcha Hegarty

Music and soundscape by Ruairi O’Shea 

Produced and edited by Ruairi O’Shea and Oisin Ryan


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