Candlelit Tales retell the stories of Irish mythology and folklore in an expressive, natural and accessible style. Our musicians score the stories with immersive, evocative and original music.

It’s simple. But something happens when you gather people together in a room and tell them ancient stories from the dawn of time. A hush descends. You could hear a pin drop. Modernity and all its distractions fall away, and we are together, held in a tale by the flickering candlelight, listening as all our human ancestors listened, carried away on an ancient journey: on a story.

Having built up our craft in front of some of the most discerning storytellers in the world (the Irish), we’ve handpicked a little tasting menu of our favourite tales for anyone new to Irish stories, or new to Irish shores.

Specially selected to bring you the fun and humour, the excitement and adventure, the true love and magic of Irish mythology, we’ll take you on a journey without ever leaving the cozy surrounds of the Parnell Heritage.

It’s not your average evening out in Dublin.

The show starts at 18:30 so please arrive slightly early to get a good seat. doors open at 18:00

Bar service and food service available


Lonely Planet 2018: “Candlelit Tales is a quintessential Irish experience that manages to blend the ancient with the new, while remaining a truly authentic performance.”

The Irish Times 2016: “The public is captivated, each twist and turn of their tales is met with laughs, sighs, and applause”

An Ait Eile 2018: “Funny, compelling, and most importantly, evocative.” 2018: “A really unique experience (that) brought this old tradition into a modern light.”