It’s the time of year for feasting, for gathering around a roaring hearthfire to break bread (and tastier
morsels) with your nearest and dearest. And we all know what happens next: the biggest, baddest of
This year we are looking back at the legendary stories of the Champions of Ireland… and more importantly,
of Ulster! We all know Cúchulainn was the greatest warrior, but did that make him the champion? What
makes a man great? Is it his actions and his deeds, does he deserve the biggest bit of meat at the table for
just being fierce in battle, or does it take that bit more to be a champion of the people?
It’s also that time of year for being really sound! Like extra sound, because we all know you’ll fight over
the dinner table, but there are plenty that won’t be having a lonesome time of it. And a cold time of it too,
so this December we are very excited to be raising money for ICHH. They do great work in and around the
streets of Dublin.
Come to Whelans on the 12th to drown out all this shite music, with a proper session of tunes, a mix of
melody, sean-nós singing, spoken word storytelling, balladeer belting and a few more bits in between. If
you’re not already very excited, you should be, all these lads playing with us are unreal!
Oh, and bring some change for some amazing prizes to be won in the raffle as well…. Yea this year we’re
really organised and got raffle prizes 😉
The ICHH outreach volunteers are on the streets of Dublin city and surrounding areas 7 nights a week. The
volunteers leave our office on Amiens St at 11pm on designated walking routes on both the northside and
southside of the city. They bring supplies such as tea, coffee, soup, pot noodles, sandwiches, fruit, water,
hats, scarves, gloves, clothes and sleeping bags. Most importantly they offer empathy and compassion as
a simple chat can mean so much to people sleeping rough around the city.

More about what ICHH is and what they do here: