Theatre Productions

Candlelit Theatre strives to bring original stories to life on stage, using a multidisciplinary means of performance to thrill audiences, both young and old. We use Irish Myth as our source material, and work with various theatrical devices to realise them on stage. Our shows aim to enchant and engage audiences and we strive to create theatre that is both accessible and dazzling, always rooted in a strong narrative and enlivened by visual spectacle.

Candlelit Theatre was born in 2018 out of the brother and sister-founded storytelling company Candlelit Tales, est 2014. As we have collaborated with more artists and actors we have recognised our need to separate our identity, between our Theatre shows, and the live storytelling shows we have become popular for. We have created three shows in theatres to date, and we continue to develop new shows for adults and for young audiences.

Two strands take our focus; creating sharp, entertaining Theatre shows aimed at adults, which  often rely on a childlike sense of wonder and humour; and producing Family friendly shows that depict complex themes in a lighthearted way.

Our previous work includes:

Women & Warriors 2019

Shadows of the Táin 2018

Women & Warriors 2018

Family friendly Puppet Show – ‘Buchail Buí’ 2018.

Shadow Puppetry Performance – ‘Shadows of the Táin’ 2016 & 2017;

Dance Theatre Show – ‘The Dream of Eithlinn’ 2016;

Family Friendly Faerie Show – ‘The Voyage of Brain’ 2015

We are currently developing a new Theatre production titled ‘Connla’s Wave’ – 2019