Body and Soul 2016


Nearly two years ago, when Candlelit Tales began (on the road from Cork to Dublin, in a conversation between Aron and Sorcha, but that’s a story for another time!), it began as an experiment. To see if we could tell the stories we loved in an engaging, entertaining and accessible way, but also to see if anyone wanted to listen to us. It turns out, ye did! And in that
year-and-a-bit-more-than-a-half, we have had some wonderful experiences.

The best thing (for us) is when people want to collaborate; when they have an idea for how to take the stories somewhere else, or tell them with some new element, and have the skill to realize their idea with us. So, when Elena Brossa told us that she can see the stories in her mind’s eye, and asked to try out some movement with the tales, it started us on a path to creating a whole new show.

Now in development, and gearing up for Body and Soul Festival this year, we have gathered some great talents to tell the stories of the First Pepoles of Ireland; before the Celts, before even the magical Tuatha de Dannan; and bring them to the Bandstand Stage. As well as music and voice (familiar to us all by now), the “Candlelit Collective” will be incorporating acrobatics, dance, song, and a few surprises as the sun goes down!

So if you’re going to Body and Soul this year, be sure to stop by and be enchanted!