Special Show – Women Warriors


Women and Warriors accoustic show

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Most of us can name the great heroes of Irish legend, or name a few, but what about the greatest heroines? Women who fought as hard as their husbands and brothers and sons, women who struggled under curses and captivity, women who rebelled, women who avenged their loved ones, avenged themselves, women who deserve to be remembered!

Join us in November for ancient tales retold. Some you may know, but from another perspective, some you may never have heard. Tales of strength and tales of softness, and where those aspects meet. Tales that tell of women and all that they were and all that they are.

Due to the small size of this venue, and the large size of the crowds, numbers for the Stags Head are now capped! Ensure you have a comfortable seat in the cozy Parlour Bar, without queueing in the cold, where you can enjoy Candlelit Tales Acoustic. We’re staying true to our roots with no microphones, no amps, and no stage!

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